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Council Members
Name District/City Expiration
Adrienne Freng 2-Laramie 08/31/2017
Alex Cooley 1-Cheyenne (Youth) 08/31/2019
Allison Anderson 1-Cheyenne 08/31/2017
Baylee McIntyre 8-Douglas (Youth) 08/31/2018
Bryan Skoric 5-Cody 08/31/2018
Chris Jones 4-Sheridan 08/31/2019
Clarence Thomas 9-Ft. Washakie 08/31/2017
Damon DeBernardi 3-Rock Springs 08/31/2018
Dawnessa Snyder 2-Rawlins 08/31/2017
Gary Gilmore 5-Worland 08/31/2018
Lisa Finkey 6-Gillette 08/31/2018
Madison Bates 8-Torrington (Youth) 08/31/2019
Michael Sorenson 1-Cheyenne 08/31/2018
Narina Nunez 2-Laramie 08/31/2018
Nicole Hauser 2-Laramie 08/31/2018
Seth Marshall 2-Laramie (Youth) 08/31/2018
Shad Bates 8-Torrington 08/31/2017
Shane Johnson 3-Kemmerer 08/30/2018
Steffany Stephenson 3-Rock Springs (Youth) 08/31/2019
H. Steven Brown 7-Casper 08/31/2018
Thomas Rose 9-Dubois 08/31/2018
Ex Officio Members
Name Represents
Christina McCabe Attorney General’s Office
Nicole Gilbert Dept. of Health
Jo Ann Numoto Dept. of Education
Gary Hartman Governor’s Office
Representative Bob Nicholas Interstate Compact for Juveniles - Wyoming State Legislature
Interstate Compact for
Juveniles (ICJ) Members
Name Represents
Gary Hartman Commissioner; Governor's Office
Maureen Clifton (Chair) Vice-Commissioner; Dept. of Family Services
Holly Meyer Dept. of Health
Representative Bob Nicholas Wyoming State Legislature
SACJJ Committees
Executive Committee

Created by By-Laws and elected at first meeting of calendar year. Leadership of the council, develops vision and long-term goals, develops meeting agendas, oversees and develops amendments (as needed) to the By-Laws, drafts the Annual Report to the Governor.
•  Allison Anderson, Chair
•  Nicole Hauser, Vice Chair
•  Narina Nunez
•  Shad Bates
•  Adrienne Freng
Grants (Budget and Financial Review)

Created by By-Laws and elected at first meeting of calendar year.
•  Allison Anderson, Chair
•  Damon DeBernardi
•  Adrienne Freng •  Thomas Rose
Best Practices

Promotion of and focus on the 4 core protections (JJDP Compliance Monitoring). Know of and notify the council compliance visits as scheduled by VOA. Identify resources and services around juvenile justice, who is utilizing best practices, and examine how these resources may be leveraged.
•  Allison Anderson
•  Nicole Hauser, Chair
•  Damon DeBernardi
•  Lisa Finkey
•  Michael Sorenson
•  Thomas Rose

Responsible for raising awareness of juvenile justice issues; public relations with juvenile justice stakeholders as well as the general public; collaborated with communication consultant; assists in outreach to youth members; planning and organization of the Councilís annual community award for best practices.
•  Thomas Rose, Chair
•  Dawnessa Snyder
•  Seth Marshall
•  Lisa Finkey
•  Baylee McIntyre
•  Craig Fisgus*
*Additional assistance from VOA’s Communication Consultant, Craig Fisgus.

Responsible for formulating recommendations related to comprehensive, meaningful data collection and analysis.
•  Adrienne Freng, Chair
•  Allison Anderson
•   H. Steven Brown
•  Narina Nunez
•  Gary Gilmore
•  Shad Bates
*Additional assistance from VOA’s DMC Coordinator, Chuck Kratz.

Ongoing tracking of any relevant state and federal legislative issues; assisting in the development of draft legislation by the council (as needed); reviews Council’s state and federal statutory obligations.
•  Narina Nunez, Chair
•  Shane Johnson
•  Clarence Thomas
•  H. Steven Brown
•  Thomas Rose
•  Dawnessa Snyder
•  Damon DeBernardi
•  Bryan Skoric
Youth Members

Provides an opportunity for youth members to become familiar with their role on the Council; recruit youth members; develops ways to better inform the Council about the youth perspective.
•  Baylee McIntyre, Co-Chair •  Seth Marshall, Co-Chair •  Steffany Stephenson
Interstate Compact of Juveniles (ICJ)

Appointed by the Governor to ICJ (separate from SACJJ appointments); reports to the Council on actions of the Interstate Compact statute.
•  Maureen Clifton, Chair •  Holly Meyer •  Rep. Bob Nicholas
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